A dream to believe
A mission to achieve
A standard to share
And a whole lot of loving care!

Joost van Zoelen

Alone, you watch the sky,
together you explore the universe!


The solidarity of sharing inspiration, talent and power makes every single person a mighty phenomenon. Faith in shared goals and doing things together and experiencing togetherness power the satisfaction of dedication, strengthen empathy, make sacrifice light and enhance the psychological and physical resistance. Solid as a rock, simply unbeatable. Together you explore the universe!


Corporate Growth

The growth potential of the company is not determined by the quality of the Business Plan, nor the efficacy of applied systems and procedures. The strength of the company is not built with marketing, nor with high salaries or diversification. The unique ability of the company to grow ambitious, structural and profitable is, above all powered by the mentality of the group, being the company. By the power and homogeneity of the corporate culture. Solely based on that foundation the core aspects of a continuity strategy can be operated fully efficiently and effectively. Those core aspects define ‘The Seven Laws of Outstanding Growth’ (see presentation Growth, the Principles).

1. Total Flow
2. Culture
3. Focus
4. Coach & Control
5. Partner Development Programming
6. Strategy drives Structure
7. Mandate Planning

Mantion is, since its foundation in 1977 completely dedicated to supporting company management living a passion for the outstanding. Special performances that lead to remarkable growth. Under the motto; "Doing the ordinary, doesn’t bring victory". Mantion assists these leaders and their companies with the education, training and integration of the "Seven Laws of Outstanding Growth". Mantion’s intelligence and way of working is based on extensive scientific and empirical research as well as the Rebounce Philosophy (see On-going results of the approach show the ‘proven technology status’. Realized in medium and large enterprises, national, multinational, privately owned and publicly traded. With use of both autonomous and integrative strategies.